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"We research history and give future"






  • 15.09.2020

The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) produced a broadcast about our job. You can see this broadcast here:

Additionally an online articel was published, which you can read here:

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  • 04.04.2019

An articel about our company was published in the newspaper NÖN.

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  • 02.11.2018

An articel about our company was published in the magazine "Schaufenster" of the newspaper "Die Presse".

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  • 03.10.2017

Some weeks ago we followed an invitation for a studio talk at the channel P3tv to talk about genealogy and our company.

Here it is possible to review the whole interview (in German):

  • 12.06.2017

An article about our company was published in the magazine "mostviertel magazin".

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  • 30.01.2017

An article about our company was published in newspaper "Wiener Wirtschaft".

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(Wiener Wirtschaft Nr. 1/2 13.1.2017)

  • 14.07.2016

Two years ago the publishing company "Akademikerverlag" from Germany offered to publish the final project at the University of Vienna "Das Schloss und die Herrschaft Senftenegg in Niederösterreich. Herrschaftsstrukturen, Baugeschichte und Wirtschaft." by Klaus Berger .

Now this process could be finished:

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  • 02.02.2016

Today an article about our business was published in the newspaper NÖN.

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  • 07.12.2015

A jounalist saw the interview on the TV - Channel W24 (see October 20, 2015) and published an article about our work in one of Austria's biggest newspapers, Kronen Zeitung (Vienna-edition)

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  • 04.11.2015

Today a newspaper article was published about our company in the "Bezirkszeitung" in Vienna.

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  • 20.10.2015

Few days ago we followed an invitation of the Viennese channel W24 for in interview about start-up-companies and genealogical research.

Here you can review the interview (in German)

  • 17.04.2015

One of Austrias most noted paper, Wiener Zeitung, published in its supplement "Wiener Journal" an article about us.

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  • 25.08.2014

We are proud to announce that we have by now completed a total of 30 requests. Among others, we researched about personalities like Eduard Sueß (Architect of the first Viennese Aqueducts) and Ernst Carl Winter (former Deputy Mayor of Vienna).

Our thanks equally go to you, dear customers, for your loyality and interest in our research!

  • 28.04.2014

Once more, an article about our business has been published – this time, in the local news of Ferschnitz in Lower Austria (April 2014).

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  • 10.06.2013

For the first time, an advertisment on our work appeared on the cover of the “Bezirksblatt” of the first district of Vienna.

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  • 11.05.2013

We were able to successfully reconstruct the history of the owners Josef Hader’s birthhouse, an Austrian cabaret artist and actor. With this work, we completed our first big appointment on History of Buildings.

  • 21.10.2012

We are celebrating our one-year-jubilee and are proud to have already finished more than 12 jobs, with many different requests. We are looking forward to many more exciting years to come!

  • 11.09.2012

We discovered the existence and history of the until today unknown first wife of Carl Wolfgang Zeller (1876-1965), son of the famous Operetta composer Carl Adam Zeller (1842-1892). Together with this discovery, we found out about an also until today unknown daughter of Carl Wolfgang Zeller. You may find more on the Zeller-family at www.carlzeller.at.

Because of that discovery, the paper NÖN (Lower Austrian News) published an article on our work:

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  • 08.07.2012

From now on you can order gift coupons. You may reach us at kontakt@bgahnenforschung.at or +43 680 5557865.

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  • 12.03.2012

The weekly journal „Tips“ published an article about us in the spring of 2012.

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Mag. Klaus Berger und Michael Gartler, BA