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Berger und Gartler Ahnenforschung

"We research history and give future"




Procedure & Fees


Here you can find our procedures and fees:

1. Request:
You give us a non-committal request (for example family tree, familyresearch as far as possible or research on an individual person).

2. Clarification:
We are looking for sources, talking to experts and clarifying if there is, in general, enough information to fulfill your request . For this part of the process, we ask for a basic expense allowance of 100,- €, even if your request is not realizable, e.g. because of lack. This is meant as a protection for us.
If our search for sources is positive and we think your request is possible to realize, we calculate the estimate of cost.

3. Estimate of cost:
We try to estimate how much time your order will take. We charge 100,- € per hour for genealogic-historical research and 25,- € for administrative work.
On this base we account an estimate of cost.

4. Agreement

We then present you our estimate of cost and you decide upon our offer.

We further offer the possibility of a compounded fee, especially for larger requests.
For further questions, please contact us at kontakt@bgahnenforschung.at or +43 680 5557865.

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We are looking forward to your request!


Your Researchers

Mag. Klaus Berger und Michael Gartler, BA