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Berger und Gartler Ahnenforschung

"We research history and give future"




Berger & Gartler Genealogy


Genealogy - Family Trees - History of Buildings - Transcriptions - Heir Search


Would you like to know more about your ancestors or about the history of your home? Or are you looking for a special present for your relatives or friends?
Then you have found what you were looking for!
We research and explore your family history, we create family trees and write detailed reports.

Furthermore, we research the history of buildings and explore questions such as: How old is this building? Who have been the owners over time? Which estates belonged to the building over time?

We also offer the transcriptions of old documents and letters, which are handwritten in German Kurrent script.

In unregulated successions we search for heirs and fast and effectively provide the evidence to a legal enforcement of rights of the found inheritable persons.

For further information about our procedures, please check out the category “Procedure & Fees”.

We are looking forward to your non-committal request!


Your Researchers

Mag. Klaus Berger und Michael Gartler, BA